About me

Behind the scenes from a video shoot for Ozone winter of 2019

This page is always sort of strange, talking about myself. So let's just jump into it.
Born in the year 1993 in Asker Norway, into a family with a dad that was a bit more than average interested in exercise and nature. So growing up we spent a lot of time in the mountains or in the forest.

But my photography story didn't start until I started kiting in 2007. When I started kiting me and my friends needed pictures of us kiting for bragging rights. So I borrowed my father's Olympus E410 with a 14-42 and 70-300. Soon found out that that camera had some limitations and saved up until I could buy a used canon 7d in 2009, with a sigma 18-125.
From that point on I always brought my camera.

Fast forward a few years and my camera and kites have brought me on many adventures and interesting jobs. From Greenland to Fuerteventura, working for clients like Ozone kites, Redbull, Norwegian Cycling Federation, FriFlyt and Jotunheimen Rundt. Also worked a lot for different festivals including, Extremsports Veko, Vinjerock, Fjell og Fjord Morro, Fjellfilm, Hefty Basecamp, HighCamp Turtagrø, Kryllingsprell, Våt Morro, Utflukt and Fjellsportfestival.

BTS shot form snow and water film in Hardangervidda with Didier

Sins I stared I have focused most of my video and photo work on sports and extream sports. But I do take other jobs as well to keep things interesting and challenging.

Love my work and love a solid challenge, and is always looking for the next one.

Think that's about sums it up in short terms. Need to contact me you can do that at the bottom of the page.