My Services


Freefly movi pro with Canon C200

Up to date equipment

Whether you need 4k and the highest quality or full HD for social media the equipment for the job. I always make sure to keep my equipment up to date and keeping a close eye on trends in the market.

Tools for any job

Whether you need someone to make a edit for you conference or do follow cam work in the Jotunheimen I have the tools ready to go.

I can offer the following:
Water housing (used for all my kite pictures taken form the water)
Gimbal for cinema cameras
Lighting for video
Studio flash lighting
Sound equipment
Timelapse equipment
Edeting suite

Doing flow cam work while kitting

Behind the scenes at Hefty Opplevelser Basecamp 2019


Sins I have all my own equipment I can offer you quick turn arounds if needed, or on site editing of videos or stills. I have designed my entire workflow to be able to scale up and down depending on the project and timeframe.

If you have any questions for me feel free to use the contact sheet below